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War Thunder
What to expect:
  • Play against other players from around the world on your PC, PS4, Mac or Linux
  • Unlock and customize more than 600 historically accurate airplanes and ground vehicles
  • Choose how realistic you want the game to be
  • Explore complex PvE content including solo missions and a mission editor
  • Beautiful, lush graphics, authentic sound effects, and thrilling music
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Play Against Others in Heated Battles in War Thunder

The sky is the limit in War Thunder. Defeat your enemies in the sky or set their tanks ablaze to claim victory for your side...


War Thunder originally started as a free-to-play flight simulator that put players from around the world together in intense dogfights featuring classic warplanes. Aviation warfare was the focal point of Gaijin Entertainment's online game. It was possible to experience what aerial combat was like from the cockpit of a P-51 Mustang or Messerschmitt ME-109 and prove that each player has what it takes to become an Ace. We were writing in the past tense, but none of that has changed! On the contrary, your gaming experience has even been extended in War Thunder. You can still enjoy the beauty of flight simulation in War Thunder, but what's more is that the devs have added an entirely new facet to the war game. With the Ground Forces expansion, players can finally choose whether they want to take seat in the cockpit of an airplane or the narrow interior of a tank. This has opened up a whole new plethora of tactical possibilities in matches.

As you shoot your opponents out of the sky and claim victory in the skies, you will earn experience points which you can use to level up. By leveling up, you unlock new skills and traits that can help you in tight situations up in the air or on the ground. You never realize how valuable some improved armor is on your aircraft until you take a couple good shots right to the fuselage…

With different environments available to budding pilots, War Thunder provides a unique gaming experience. See what it is like to fight epic sea battles above the Pacific against tough opponents or fly over Europe and see vast landscapes as bullets fly past your window. Battle it out against players on the ground and in the blue skies above. Of course, you will have to keep your cool and respond appropriate under pressure because the gameplay is very realistic.

The free-to-play online game offers a very unique gaming experience as it pits tanks against airplanes. No matter the vehicle you choose, you will experience simulation type controls that make your gameplay challenging and fun.

War Thunder Screenshots

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War Thunder Tests

War Thunder Videos

  • War Thunder: Firestorm Update Is Now Live

    11/06/2015 05:11 am - One of the biggest updates for War Thunder has finally been rolled out to the servers. Fans of the free-to-play tank game have a lot to look forward to in this update. There are new tanks, vehicles and maps to explore....more

  • War Thunder: Presenting a New Trailer at gamescom 2015

    08/10/2015 11:00 am - Another year has gone by. Gamescom 2015 came and went as quickly as we expected! Many free-to-play publishers take the gamescom as an opportunity to remind the general public of their already released video games. The guys and girls over at Gaijin En...more

  • War Thunder: New Maps, Many Tweaks, and Lots of Vehicles in Patch 1.43

    10/09/2014 04:59 am - We always get excited for updates in the free-to-play shooter by Gaijin Entertainment. Not only are new features and content regularly added to the online game, but the studio also makes sure to appropriately advertise them with videos, like this one...more

War Thunder Tips & Tricks

War Thunder News

  • War Thunder: Royal Armour Update Is Live

    12/16/2015 07:21 am - War Thunder is getting a taste of the British armed forces in this latest Royal Armour update. There are brand new tanks, aircraft and a desert-themed map in the new content patch for the war game....more

  • War Thunder: Firestorm Update Is Now Live

    11/06/2015 05:11 am - One of the biggest updates for War Thunder has finally been rolled out to the servers. Fans of the free-to-play tank game have a lot to look forward to in this update. There are new tanks, vehicles and maps to explore....more

  • War Thunder: Adding British Tanks towards the End of the Year

    07/30/2015 05:21 am - The British ground forces are underway! In a recent press release, the guys and girls over at Gaijin Entertainment announced that British tanks will be added to War Thunder towards the end of the year. The war game will not only feature 200 armored g...more

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